Bangladesh At A Glance
Geographical Feature

Situated at the deltaic mouth of the Ganges, Bangladesh between 20.34 and 26.38 north latitude and 8.108 and 92.41 east longitude. Its 1,43, 998 square kilometers area has been endowed with luxuriant vegetation, punctuated in the east by a gently undulating terrain while every where else by numerous rivers, more prominent of which are the Padma, the Meghna, the Jamuna and the Karnafully and their countless tributaries. The country occupies a strategic position in South Asia having its border with India and Myanmar and Bay of Bengal.


Bangladesh lies proedominantly within the tropical belt and temperatures vary between 9.80C in January to 31.9C in July. But the mean annual variations range from 13.9C to 26.7C. Annual rainfall varies from 1.27 m in west to 2.54 m in the south-east and to 5.08 in the northern part.

Population and Religion

The population of Bangladesh is about 140 million. About 86% of the population are Muslims. The minority comprises mainly of Hindus, Christians and Budhists. Islam entered in this part of the world in the 8th century and it plays a pivotal role in every-day life of majority of Bangladeshis. It is the 2nd largest muslim country of the world.


Bangla is the national and iffical language. English is widely spoken and understood. Arabic is also studied and taught in evry educational institute as a compulsory subject.

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